Staging by Marie

Let Me Help You get it SOLD!

The 3 P's of Marketing your House!

PRICE - Price it competitively or you will not get the "right" traffic!

- Don't help your neighbor sell their house by pricing yours too high.

PHOTOS - Have Professional photos taken of your House.

Photographers use wide lens shots and Showcase the homes best Features!

PRESENTATION - Keep your "staged" house "showing" ready - it should look 

like it did the day you had photos taken! And remember to turn on ALL the lights.


Real Estate Staging is the act of Preparing and Showcasing Residential property for Sale.  

Preparing - involves cleaning, de-cluttering, repairing, updating

Sbowcasing - involves arranging furniture, accessories, art & light

At Staging by Marie, we walk through your home and make the necessary recommendations to showcase your home to sell quickly. We understand who your potential Buyer(s) are and we market your house to attract that Buyer audience!

Our services extend from an initial walk-through where the Seller takes their own notes ... to full house Staging where we provide accessories & furniture for rent as well as recommend paint colors,  competitive updates, and needed repairs.